Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Vindhyachal, so that you get blessings of Maa Vindhyavasini with ease and comfort.

Vindhyachal Temple remains open all days of the year, so you can go there without any exception. However, avoid going to Vindhyachal on the day of ‘Holi’ Festival as well as Full Moon Day (Poornamasi/ Poornima) preceding Holi Festival, which is just one day before Holi Festival day, as despite of advisory issued by administration, local people may throw colors on you and your family, spoiling your journey.Season wise, best period is winter, when like other places of North India, in Vindhyachal also, the temperature and atmosphere tend to become pleasant. In Summer period, you may also come, however, if you intend to visit places on the Vindhya Mountain e.g. Kali Khoh, Ashtabhuha etc., the scorching heat may not be comfortable for you. If you want to see natural scenic beauty of the areas around Vindhya mountain range, you should prefer to go in the time of rains, when greenery abound in the area. Some waterfalls also start to flow. You may also see peacocks dancing in joy in the rainy season. Religiously, both the Navaratris are important to visit; however heavy crowd in these days may unsettle you. Tuesdays and Full Moon Days (Poornamasi/ Poornima) are also crowd puller days. Recently, a trend in the nearby cities to visit Vindhyachal Temple has also started creating crowd especially on Sundays. So, if you do ‘Darshan’ of Maa Vindhyavasini with ease and comfort; avoid these days.