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This temple is dedicated to Goddess Ashtabhuja. The temple is situated in a cave on the hill, 3 km away from the Vindhyavasini temple. The temple of Ashtabhuja Devi is situated in a cave situated

The temple of Maa Vindhyavasini Devi is located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, and it is 8 km from Mirzapur on the banks of the holy river Ganges, about 80 km from Allahabad (Prayag).

According to religious beliefs, Kali Khoh Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali, and this temple is situated in the form of a cave.

Established by Lord Shri Ram in Treta Yuga, The kund is situated on the Ashtabhuja hill. Despite this kund being on top of the hill..

This pond is on the way to Maa Ashtabhuja temple ahead of Kalikoh temple of Maa Kali in the Trikon Yatra route

What is the historical importance of Narada Ghat and its relation to religious and cultural heritage? it James Princep and South Indian Swami Sitivadana Its importance increases further when understood in conjunction with Dattatreya’s contribution.

The temple is situated about 1 kilometre before the Vindhyavasini temple, on the Vindhyachal to Mirzapur road. A huge statue of Lal Bhairav is installed here.

This huge pond on top of the hill, about 1 kilometre to the right of the Ashtabhuja temple, remains full of water.

This temple dedicated to Shri Krishna situated near Gerua Pond is located on the way to Ashtabhuja Temple from the Kali Khoh on the Trikon Yatra route.

Once, Lord Parshuram Came to Mount Kailash to have a darshan of Shiva. Since Shiva was sleeping peacefully, Ganesha, who was stationed at the door, stopped Parashurama from going inside.

Sapt Sarovar or Sat Sagar, about 10 kilometres away from Vindhyachal, is a group of 7 ponds situated 2 kilometres south of Devraha Baba Ashram.

Om Shiva Gurkhak

The bath kunda, which is known in Rajasthani language as Dhab Here, in the fair that takes place in the month of Bhadrapad month every year, I am about lakhs of passenger baths.

This temple is located in Mirzapur, about 12 kilometres away from Vindhyachal. The city is situated on the banks of Mother Ganga.

Famous as Matsyendra Kund or Machhandara Kund, this source of water is established by Baba Matsyendranath, the Guru of Guru Gorakhnath.

Bhairav Kund is situated on the right side below Ashtabhuja Temple. There has been a continuous flow of water here for 12 months, although now at some places This has reduced due to boring on the hill.

This bridge falls in the middle of Vindhyachal and Mirzapur. This bridge made of stones is about 300 years old.

Mother Vindhyavasini Dham Vindhyachal is situated on the banks of the river Ganga.

This ghat is built as a cremation ground about 1 kilometer west of Vindhyachal.

The temple dedicated to Mahalakshmi has Sri Yantra on stone. This temple is situated near Bhairav Kund.

In Vindhyachal Dham, Trikona/ Triangle parikrama has special significance. In this parikrama..

Brahmarshi Devraha Baba Ashram is located in Bhagdewar village, 8 kilometres south of Vindhyachal.

Kankali Kali Temple is situated in Akodhi village, about 7 kilometers away from Vindhyachal.

Scenic prayers to the divine river Ganga by five priests daily accompanied by melodious religious music.

This recently started facility not only saves the time and labor of the visitors , but also gives them the opportunity to see the panoramic and picturesque views of the Vindhya Mountains.

Mirzapur City

माँ विंध्यवासिनी देवी मंदिर विंध्याचल में, मिर्जापुर से 8 किमी दूर और भारतीय राज्य उत्तर प्रदेश में पवित्र गंगा नदी के किनारे इलाहाबाद (प्रयाग) से लगभग 80 किमी दूर स्थित है। यह पीठासीन देवता, मां विंध्यवासिनी देवी के सबसे प्रतिष्ठित शक्तिपीठों में से एक है। मंदिर में प्रतिदिन भारी संख्या में लोग आते हैं। चैत्र (अप्रैल) और अश्विन (अक्टूबर) महीनों में नवरात्रों के दौरान बहुत बड़ी मंडलियां आयोजित की जाती हैं। परंपरा गीत (कजली) प्रतियोगिताएं ज्येष्ठ (जून) के महीने में होती हैं। मंदिर काली खोह से मात्र 2 किमी की दूरी पर स्थित है, जो एक प्राचीन गुफा मंदिर है जो देवी काली को समर्पित है। 70 किमी। (डेढ़ घंटे की ड्राइव) वाराणसी से, विंध्याचल देवी विंध्यवासिनी को समर्पित एक प्रसिद्ध धार्मिक शहर है। पौराणिक रूप से देवी विंध्यवासिनी को बेंडक्शन के तुरंत सबसे अच्छा माना जाता है। आसपास में अन्य देवताओं के कई मंदिर हैं, जिनमें से सबसे प्रसिद्ध अष्टभुजा देवी मंदिर और कालीखोह मंदिर हैं, जो त्रिकोना परिक्रमा (परिधि) का निर्माण करते हैं। विंध्यवासिनी देवी मंदिर, अष्टभुजा मंदिर, देवी महासरस्वती को समर्पित (एक होली पर, विंध्यवासिनी मंदिर से 3 किमी) और काली खोह मंदिर, जो देवी काली (विंध्यवासिनी मंदिर से 2 किमी) को समर्पित है, त्रिकोन परिक्रमा का निर्माण करती हैं।