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Ma Vindhyavasini _ Shringaar (traditional Reciting the Shat Chandi of Durga Saptashati is undeniably potent, but its efficacy reaches unparalleled heights when performed meticulously by knowledgeable Vedic Brahmins. When this sacred ceremony is conducted in the sacred realm of Shaktipeeth like Vindhyachal, its effects are magnified manifold.Many capable people, companies and even people from outside India have experienced its unprecedented benefits on a personal level by organizing this religious event through us.

Not only are they grateful for the results obtained from this Yagya, but they said that the results obtained from this Yagya have further strengthened their faith in the scientific validity of Hinduism and the effectiveness of its rituals. 

In this Yagya, not only do we do a detailed study of your horoscope and keeping it in mind, we determine the day of commencement and end of the Yagya, but in this, all the procedures of Durga Saptashati are followed very precisely. So that you can get the best benefits. 

As soon as you pay, our team calculates the best time to start this Path and all the arrangements like havan material, puja items, etc. are made according to your birth chart after getting your horoscope through email or phone.

This special Path is capable of completely improving your life.  After the entire program is over, photos and videos of the program are also sent to you, so that you can keep the pleasant memories of this auspicious moment with you.  

Note: Due to the renovation work of the entire complex of Maa Vindhyavasini Temple, this puja can be performed not in the temple itself but at any holy place nearby.

decoration at the time of Aarti) which includes mother’s clothes, flowers, prasad (fruits, sweets, etc.)

Mother of the world, Mother Vindhyavasini is adorned four times a day, in which her clothes are changed, she is adorned with new flowers, jewelery, etc., and fruits, naivedya, sweets, etc. are offered to her. This process has been going on in the temple for thousands of years and to date there has been no interruption in it.  Although Mother is all capable and what can we insignificant devotees do for her, yet for our satisfaction and to receive the immense blessings of Mother Vindhyavasini, we all can arrange for the adornment of Mother Vindhyavasini.  After adorning Maa Vindhyavasini on the day specified by you, Maa’s Prasad is sent to your address so that Maa’s great blessings remain upon you continuously.

Note: The puja on a specific day will be confirmed only after talking to the priest of Maa Vindhyavasini temple.

₹ 6,500