Shraddha/ Tarpan Sanskar for dead ancestors

Shraddha or Tarpan Sanskar, performed as per the scriptures for our past ancestors, is an important part of all the Sanskars and not only shows our love and reverence for our deceased ancestors, but also mitigates many horoscope defects like Pitra Dosha. By the grace of our ancestors, many of our obstructed tasks are accomplished very easily and simply.

It also gives us blessings from the ancestral world. Our learned ritualistic Brahmins will present this Sanskar for you in Vindhyachal.

At Ram Gaya Ghat located in Shaktipeeth, where Lord Ram himself performed these rites on his arrival in Vindhyachal, it is performed as per the procedure given in our scriptures due to which its effect increases manifold.

₹ 11,000